Our Company

Mary Sandoe was a very special person, full of humor, compassion for others and a passion for social justice and for peace. Mary was a librarian at Colorado University and was a Boulder Gray Panthers activist. She loved to tend to her garden and help students in the library. She gave her home to the Boulder Gray Panthers when she died in 1980 to help facilitate her dream of having shared housing for the Elderly. In 1986 Mary Sandoe’s House was sold and the plan to building a building for 12 residents was on the way. Thanks to St. Paul United Methodist Church who sold the land Mary Sandoe House sits on at 1244 Gillaspie Drive right in back of the Church. In 1994 the other house was built. Mary Sandoe had a vision of housing for elderly and The Mary Sandoe House, Inc. is proud to carry on her legacy of affordable housing for the community of Boulder, Colorado.


The Mary Sandoe House has achieved success in offering a less expensive, less institutional housing alternative to those who are in need for 24 house supervision and support services. Our primary impact has thus been in a segment of the population with low incomes whose needs are not being met through current private, for profit initiatives or even non-profit alternative care facilities. Mary Sandoe House is an alternative to people who do not want to pay an entrance cost, the flat fee and the additional charges for care that every assisted living charges that could bring the cost up to $10,000 a month. We have a deposit and a flat fee and it is affordable for those who do not want to spend from $6,000 to $10,000 a month.